The BRABUS turn signal steel mesh guards protect the lights from mechanical damage. In addition, they serve as a design element and enhance the looks of your G-Class. Please note that this product is only intended for export!

The manufactured BRABUS air intake made from carbon completes the athletic appearance and also increases the wattage depth of your G-Class.

The carbon headlight surrounds give the front view of your G-Class an individual and classy style – perfectly complemented by the BRABUS black main headlights.

Exclusivity to the last detail: The BRABUS Carbon Package special accessory combines the powerdome, mirror covers, design front grille and headlight surrounds. Manufactured from high-grade carbon fiber using the tried and proven pre-preg process.

An eye-catcher for your G-Class: The BRABUS radiator grille manufactured from high-grade carbon fiber is characterized by its clear structure and elegance. It replaces the production radiator grille.
The Mercedes star is replaced with the original BRABUS Double-B emblem.

Athletic appearance with the BRABUS carbon fender attachments. The attachments are made from carbon fiber and are mounted to the fenders. The turn signals deleted as a result can be replaced with the front fascia attachments 463-230-20.